War Water

  • War Water

War Water has been used for centuries for protection and placing and removing curses. Created and aged for 30 days using storm water from a violent thunderstorm along with roots and coffin nails.

There are several uses which include:

1. Forcefully splash the War Water against the door of your enemy and proclaim your curse, then bury the nails where the victim is sure to step.

2. Write the name of your enemy in black ink and place it in the water with pins needles and the nails included and shake it whenever you would like to inflict harm to that person. ( You can also add broken glass particularly from a mirror and any personal items or scraps of cloths, hair etc.)

3. Write the name of your enemy in black in and place it in the water with black dog hair and black cat hair adding the name(s) of the anyone you wish them to fight with inevitably causing them to sever their ties.

4. Add graveyard dirt to the War Water as well as the name of your enemy and shake it to cause them to be tormented by spirits. (Again, for added potency add the mirror and personal items.)


4 FL. OZ. (118 ml)