Bye, Fernando! Oil

  • Bye, Fernando! Oil

Use to obliterate those that slander you, who spread gossip, and purge those that poison your life. Whether a long time enemy or a disgruntled ex-friend or lover, you can be sure to exterminate them like any common pest!

Why did we name this oil "Bye, Fernando"? It actually pertains to a specific situation that is suited to the purpose. Because of our quick success and widespread reputation, we have attracted a lot of enmity from people who would want nothing more than to see us fail. One such person was once a friend to Elizabeth Ruth, and because she decided to come to us to learn instead of this person, this woman's mission has become to slander our store and Elizabeth at every opportunity. This woman goes out of her way in social media groups and spreads lies and gossip whenever possible, she would go to people in the community and slander us in an attempt to ruin our reputations and in a recent email, because of Docteur's Peruvian ethnicity, she closed it with "Bye, Fernando" in an attempt to belittle his heritage. What our haters don't realize is that they inspire us. They motivate us to create new things, new recipes, and new purposes! So we proudly introduce "Bye, Fernando" Oil! Thanks Melissa!