Hekate Kerberos Statue

  • Hekate Kerberos Statue

Awaken the Mighty Dead and forces of the Inferno who are under the patronage of the Goddess Hekate! This 15 inch hand sculpted original statue honors Her as Hekate Kerberos, the Guardian of the Dead! This statue emphasizes Her role as Goddess of Necromancy, itself an apotropaic idol. Within the statue is an amulet or charge containing a stone collected from a triple crossroad within a cemetery, ashes of the dead, wormwood, garnet, black dog hair, black horse hair, black snake skin, datura, yew, henbane, belladonna, poplar, oak, bay, and honey.

Install Her on an altar or shrine where the Sun doesn’t touch and allow Her to aid in boosting your witchcraft, necromancy, and attract to you familiar spirits!

Height: 15 Inches
Material: Professional Grade Polymer Clay, Magical Materials, Sterling Silver, Acrylic Paint
Source: 100% Unique Hand Sculpted Original by Jeff Cullen Artistry

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