Hoodoo Lamp Magic

  • Hoodoo Lamp Magic

Traditional lamp magic has been used all over the world from the Middle East to India and Haiti. With lamp magic you speed up magical workings as the energy is hotter than with a candle. Specially prepared herbs, oils and other ingredients are blessed and added to petition a specific spirit allowing the flame to hold the power of the spirit. Unlike our Setting of Lights service, this type of working does not usually have a divination, but lamp magic is very powerful and very effective for getting fast results.

NOTE: This service will be started on the Saturday of the week the order was placed. If this is an emergency working, please contact us immediately!

Due to the nature and unpredictability of this type of work, refunds are not available.

Please fill out the information below then choose the amount of days you would like to keep your lamp lit (Minimum of 3 days). Lamps can be kept lit for as long as desired.

If desired, you can email us a photo of the target along with the order number at orders@vodoustore.com

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