Hekate Bath

  • Hekate Bath

Formerly known as "Helate's Water of Absolution"

The Greeks recount that Hekate once gave Europa a pot of Hera's rouge. Hera became enraged and went after Her. Hekate fled to the world of mortals at the bedside of a woman giving birth then made Her way to the glowing waters of the Acheron river in the Underworld, the sacred river that purged men of their sins and purified the soul. To Hera's shock Hekate emerged from those waters more pure and powerful then the Queen of the Gods, ending Hera's pursuit. From that point on, all acts of purification were sacred to Hekate (Theocritus Bucolicus 200 CE 'Greek Gods' Kerenyi).

Use this bath prior to any magickal workings, specially those involving Hekate.

This bath was made using natural mineral water from Greece and a mixture of herbs and plants sacred to Hekate known for their purification properties.