'The Magic of Oil Lamps' Booklet

  • 'The Magic of Oil Lamps' Booklet

One of our most popular booklets is "The Magic of Oil Lamps". This booklet is packed with everything you need to start constructing and working your own lamps to take control of your life and gain love, money, protection, and more!

By Allan Spiers


    • Introduction
    • The Power of Oil Lamps
    • How to Make a Basic Oil Lamp
    • Creating a Devotional Lamp
    • Wish Spell
    • Purifying Spell
    • Charm of Protection
    • Dream Divination
    • Spell for Love
    • To Set Work in Motion Fast
    • Hexing
    • Lamp of the Sun
    • Ancestor Lamp
24 pages | 5.x8 inches | Paperback