'The Devil of the Bathhouse' Booklet

  • 'The Devil of the Bathhouse' Booklet

You have heard His whispers and met Him in the shadows, overcome with lust! The Devil of the Bathhouse invites you to become a master of your own lust without shame, empowering you to enjoy the carnality of pleasure! Combining spirituality and witchcraft with gay men's sexuality, this booklet instructs you on how to evoke this powerful spirit and become who Nature intended you to be! Learn how to free yourself from fear of judgement, hate, and false morality by enjoying the pleasures of the flesh!

By Jeff Cullen & Allan Spiers


    • Introduction
    • The Nameless Abomination
    • The Panes
    • The Exu of Quimbanda
    • Goetic Demons and Incubi
    • Becoming The Devil
    • The Lecherous Altar and the Sodomite‚Äôs Shrine
    • In the Service of Sin
    • Sexual Health
    • Offering of Ourselves
    • The Depraved Witch
    • The Infernal Phallus
    • Charging of the Dick
    • Candle of Bondage
    • Prayer to the Devil of the Bathhouse
    • Conclusion

36 pages | 5x8 inches | Paperback
Mature content. Must be 18+.