'The Devil - Lord of the Sabbath' Booklet

  • 'The Devil - Lord of the Sabbath' Booklet

He is found in religions and cultures around the world. His influence has manifested hosts of spirits, and inspired workers across time. We are on the edge of a knife, and we are in dire need to reclaim our power. He is the Shadow of God, He is the Devil, and He punishes the wicked, and celebrates our darker natural instincts! No matter your religion, no matter your alignment, there is a lot we can learn about this mighty entity. Our new booklet, 'The Devil: Lord of the Sabbath' gives you everything you need to know to begin working with Him. Let Him balance the scales of injustice, and let Him share his gifts!

By Jeff Cullen


    • Introduction
    • The Serpent of the Deep
    • Lord of the Sabbath
    • King of the Crossroads
    • How to Serve and Work with The Devil
    • Altar/Shrine Set Up
    • Constructing the Devil's Cauldron
    • Simple Pact Using The Devil's Prayer
    • Pact with Lucifuge Rofocale
    • A Devil's Charm
    • Conjuration Against an Enemy
    • Poppet Curse
    • Witch's Ointment
    • Prayer to The Devil's Host
    • Hellfurian's Prayer

24 pages | 5x8 inches | Paperback