'Saint Expedite - The Sinner's Saint' Booklet

  • 'Saint Expedite - The Sinner's Saint' Booklet

If you have not worked with St. Expedite, we highly recommend you do. He manifests very real, very powerful miracles extremely quickly. He recently helped us here at The Vodou Store in a big way! Learn everything you need to know to work with him. We provide authentic, practical tradition from all over the world to give you the most profound and potent connection with the saint!

By Allan Spiers & Jeff Cullen


    • History
    • Conversion, Death, and Martyrdom
    • The Cult of St. Expedite
    • Setting Up the Altar
    • The Statue
    • Baptizing the Statue
    • The Crossed Tridents
    • Offerings
    • Feast Day
    • Bones of St. Expedite Offering
    • Oil of St. Expedite
    • Prosperity Candle Working
    • Blood of St. Expedite Petition Paper
    • Crush Your Enemy Candle Working
    • Quick Love Lamp
    • Healing Lamp
    • Witch's Amulet of St. Expedite
    • Standard Catholic Prayers
    • Special Request
    • During Financial Crisis
    • Help with Finances at Home
    • When in Urgent Need
    • Haitian Prayer to Reveal Enemies
    • Three Day Prayer to St. Expedite
    • Hymn to St. Expedite

24 pages | 5x8 inches | Paperback