'Pan - God of the Groves' Booklet

  • 'Pan - God of the Groves' Booklet

Pan, the wild god of forests, is one of the most mysterious, and fascinating gods in the Hellenic pantheon. He inspires lust and frenzy, and captivates the senses. Winter has long been sacred to Pan ("He has every snowy crest and the mountain peaks and rocky crests for his domain" Homeric Hymn 19 to Pan) so cuddle up on a cold Winter's night with this little book and learn all about The God of Groves!

By Jeff Cullen


    • History of Pan
    • God of Witches
    • Enter: The Devil
    • Piper at the Gates of Dawn
    • How to Serve and Work with Pan • Altar/Shrine Set Up
    • Simple Three Dice Divination Using Numerology
    • Tablet for Divine Assistance
    • Greek Lyric V
    • Jeff's Hymn
    • Orphic Hymn

24 pages | 5x8 inches | Paperback