'Legba - The Gate Opener' Booklet

  • 'Legba - The Gate Opener' Booklet

When we open a Vodou ceremony the beating drums and singing voices call out to Papa Legba, the divine gatekeeper who opens the way for the other lwa to attend the celebration! No matter your faith, experience, or whether you are initiated or not, everyone can serve Legba. This magnificent spirit can open the path to spiritual growth, and help you gain understanding and communion with the forces of Vodou.

By Mambo Chita Tann



    Legba: A Confusing Group of Spirits
    Feast Days, Colors, Saints, & Offerings
How to Serve Legba
    Altar Setup
    Talking To Legba At Your Altar
Songs for Legba
    1. Popular Song
    2. Hard Work & Money
    3. Asking Permission
    4. Sonde Miwa (Sounding the Mirror)
Iliminasyon for Legba
    How To Do The Iliminasyon

24 pages | 5x8 inches | Paperback

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