'Hekate - Unconquerable Queen of Witches' Booklet

  • 'Hekate - Unconquerable Queen of Witches' Booklet

The goddess Hekate is one of the most revered Witch Queens in modern times. Her rituals extend far back into antiquity and She has aided in witchcraft and sorcery for ages. If you are interested in learning more about this prolific goddess check out our exclusive booklet, "Hekate, Unconquerable Queen of Witches". It contains everything you need to know to begin working with and worshiping Her so that you too can call upon the aide of The Queen of Witches!

By Jeff Cullen


    • History of Hekate
    • Titan Goddess
    • Goddess of the Gods
    • Queen of Those Below
    • Three Faced Selene
    • Unconquerable Queen of Witches
    • How to Serve and Work with Hekate
    • Altar/Shrine Set Up
    • Constructing Her Image with Wax of Three Colors
    • Hekate's Sacrificial Cheesecake
    • Amulet for Protection
    • Spell to Attract a Lover
    • Charm to Invoke Hekate in Dreams
    • Petition While Making Charms and Potions
    • Jeff's Prayer
    • Orphic Hymn
    • Hippolytus' Petition
    • Prayer While Performing Witchcraft

24 pages | 5x8 inches | Paperback