New Beginnings Bath Kit

  • New Beginnings Bath Kit

Day 1 is a mixture of Cut and Clear to remove any attachments to negativity, Unhexing to remove any curses you may carry with you, and Run Devil Run to send misfortune away.

Day 2 is Reversing to send negativity to the past, Van Van to renew your fortune and luck, and Cleansing to go forward refreshed and unburdened.

Day 3 mixes Blessing to make sure you are showered in divine favor, Fiery Wall of Protection to surround you with armor against misfortune, and Road Opener to make sure your future is full of promise and free of blockages!

This New Beginnings Spiritual Bath Kit includes each 2oz bath as well as a candle and instructions and can be used any time you need to cast out old toxic and negative energy, and to welcome in blessings, protection, and success!