The Amparo of Santa Muerte

We want to shift our newsletters to a more informative source for how to use our products. While folk magic and witchcraft are very forgiving and can be used as the conjurer sees fit, there are some basics that can help guide you to a more personal connection.

Central America is another part of the world people who practice American folk magic turn to for inspiration and authentic tradition, and no element of Central American folk tradition has more of an impact in the United States more than the cult of Santa Muerte. While her cult was once confined to the world of drug cartels and criminals in the mind of the outsider, her reputation of being a powerful ally to those who approach her with sincerity and reverence quickly dispelled many media myths.

She is now petitioned by both sinner and saint, the virtuous and the villainous. Her unbiased nature makes her perfect for those on the fringes of society, and her effectiveness is proven time and time again to her followers. Working with Santisima Muerte is relatively easy. Construct a shrine or altar, offer her tequila, flowers, uncooked rice, and apples, and pray as you would to any other saint.

While she is definitely easy to work with, she is also arguably one of the most potent and powerful death deities so her presence can often have an impact on those who actively do workings and rituals for her. In a recent visit with Steven Bragg of the New Orleans Chapel of the Santisima Muerte, who is North America’s leading practicing authority on Santisima Muerte, we got on the subject of the Amparo, a type of spiritual safeguard against her overwhelming energy.

To make an Amparo you will need 2 St. Michael prayer cards, some hair from your head and nail clippings, a piece of brown paper to write your name on, holy water and either glue, tape, or a needle and thread. Start by making a small envelope by gluing, taping, or sewing the prayer cards together on three sides with both St. Michael images facing out. Go to your St. Michael altar or shrine and say 1 Our Father, 3 Hail Marys, 1 Glory Be, followed by the St. Michael prayer. Ask St. Michael to be your protection as you work with La Santisima Muerte. Add the paper with your name on it, the hair and nails, and a few drops of Holy Water. Blow cigar smoke into the packet and seal the last side blessing it in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit by sprinkling more Holy Water. Place it between your hands and recite the St. Michael prayer and offer the archangel cigar smoke and strong alcohol such as rum or tequila. Place the amparo hidden in his shrine so he continues to protect you. Every so often, and after working with Santisima Muerte, hold it between your hands and recite St. Michael’s prayer again.