Who We Are

Doctor Cæli D'Anto du Pérou

Born in Lima, Peru, to a family with Spanish, French and Scottish heritage, Doctor D'Anto was raised in a Catholic and spiritual environment, where his mother was part of the 'Hermanos Seguidores de Jesus' an Espiritismo group in which he attended frequently. Being able to see and speak with the dead as a young boy his ability throve as he grew into adulthood, that’s when Doctor D'Anto’s hunger for spiritual knowledge became apparent. First studying the Abrahamic religions, he then sought knowledge of ancient beliefs systems such as that of the Incas as well as minor workings in the occult; and practices like Witchcraft and Hoodoo. He then moved to the United State in 1989 where his contact with other religions and beliefs were more accessible. Residing in Florida for 13 years and frequent trips to New Orleans, his connection with Haitian Vodou and New Orleans Voodoo was integral in the formation of his practices of today. Now residing in Chicago, Illinois, the Doctor has reconnected with the spirits of his ancestors and the spirits of the dead thus created a store where he provides some of the most unique items that are not available anywhere else as well as services guided by the spirits around him.

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Hellfurian Liontari

Hellfurian began his journey in Paganism in the Summer of 1998 after a long childhood fascinated by witchcraft, inspired by his mother and two sisters. Being raised in the wooded hills of Central New York, he spent a lot of time communing with Nature and Her spirits. He and his sisters would cast spells and weave magic in the deep woods, craft tools and runestones from Her elements and construct temples in fallen trees and by doing so, was initiated by Her spirits through secret and personal rituals. After years of learning the Craft from the forest, he moved to Chicago where he began to seek guidance in many of the perils of city life. Hekate, Goddess of Crossroads and Queen of Witches answered the call and he knew She was the secret guide behind many of the events of his life. Guided by his patron gods, Hekate and Pan, as well as minor workings with other deities and spirits, Hellfurian has become quite adept in witchcraft and divination through the art of rune casting.

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